Redefine success.  Make your own rules.


Blue Ocean Strategy, by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, describes a typical competitive landscape where the incumbents have all the advantages, know all the rules, and have optimized pricing such that even with slim margins they can remain profitable.  Why would anyone willingly take on this landscape directly?  For one, you can read a book and replicate those models.  You can take on this endeavor with the confidence that you're managing your risk by operating a well-known and successful business model.  And you can sink your earnings and sweat into ever-eroding earnings, fading slowly but surely into irrelevancy.  This, according to Kim and Mauborgne, is a Red Ocean.

Instead, wouldn't you rather find an untapped market?  One where the rules have yet to be defined, prices have yet to be set, margins are big and competition non-existent? Those are Blue Oceans.

So why doesn't everyone take the Blue Ocean approach?  It takes a significant degree of creativity and planning, and this is the foundation for BluCognitive.  Inspired by what can be instead of what is or what's always been done, BluCognitive brings creativity to strategic outlook and helps organizations translate long-term vision to operational roadmaps.  

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